Breaking Down Earnest Money

Earnest money is your chance to show the seller that you are serious about buying the home—so serious that you are willing to put money on the line. It is important to note that your earnest money is not the same as due diligence.  As a reminder, the due diligence period is a designated period of time (usually 15-30 days) that begins when the contract has been signed by the buyer and the seller. As a buyer, Read More

Who Pays The Real Estate Agent’s Commission?

Without the correct representation, the closing process can be overwhelming. There are stacks of pages with “sign here” notes pasted throughout, itemized lists, mortgage breakdowns. There is a general question, and it even gets asked by people who have bought and sold homes before. When you don’t have a great attorney who is there to assist and answer your questions, you may walk away from the closing table not Read More

Is Cash To Close The Same As Closing Costs?

For anyone who has gone through the home-buying process—or is about to—arriving at the closing table is a wonderful moment. By this time, your offer was accepted, you’ve completed your inspection, and perhaps a small amount of negotiation followed. Regardless, both parties have arrived at agreeable terms, and the deal is about to be finalized. Beyond closing, the only thing left to do is officially be “on record” Read More

Some Deeds Guarantee Nothing

If you are new to real estate, you may hear people using terms interchangeably. For instance, a deed and a title are not the same. Deeds are a legal instrument that conveys legal property from one party to another. There are different types of deeds, and we will go over those in a minute. A title is the legal ownership of something. If you possess the title to something (e.g., a car, home, or boat), then you own Read More

Can I Buy A House With Bitcoin?

This has been a shockingly common question: can I buy a house with Bitcoin? As of right now, you cannot buy a home in North Carolina with Bitcoin or any other form of cryptocurrency. But that doesn’t mean you never will. Some challenges and difficulties surround buying a home with Bitcoin. By understanding what those are, you will learn more about the home buying process—and maybe even a little about Read More

How To Choose A Closing Attorney

Choosing the right house and completing the deal is a milestone in your life—one that is the culmination of years of work, planning, and saving. But how do you choose the right one? Part of the process includes finding an attorney. When facing one of the most significant financial decisions, you need someone focused on protecting you.  Trust The Team In addition to a lawyer, you are likely working with a realtor. One Read More

How To Pay Your Attorney

Attorneys can be paid in several ways. And if you are unfamiliar with the various payment methods, you aren’t alone. People hear attorneys advertising that they only get paid when you win. 'Billable hours'' is a common phrase that people associate with lawyers too. Because these terms are at odds with one another, the confusion isn’t surprising. Engaging in any business relationship without understanding the Read More

Do I Need A Closing Attorney Or A Title Company in NC?

A significant amount of people have been moving to North Carolina from other states. When they come here to buy a home, they have a lot of questions. This is because they have bought and sold homes where they used to live, and have had their own experiences with the process. One such question that comes up is in regards to title companies. States other than North Carolina use title insurance companies for Read More

4 Mistakes Of First-Time Homebuyers

Making mistakes when you are buying your first home is easy. Not only are you eager to achieve a significant milestone in your life, but you want to fulfill your vision of the future. Once you can imagine it, you may make decisions in haste.  This is common. The following are easy pitfalls that first-time homebuyers fall into. Know them so you can catch yourself before you put yourself in a situation you can’t get Read More

Tips For Buying A Mobile Home

If you are considering buying a mobile home for the first time, you are likely wondering about the process for purchasing one. To break this down a bit further, there are also differences between commonly used terms such as mobile homes and manufactured homes.  There will also be some differences regarding the purchasing process based on where your mobile is going to go. For instance, you may be planning on putting Read More