Required Disclosures in North Carolina Residential Real Estate Sales

The old adage “buyer beware” is generally true for minor purchases, but real estate purchases are treated quite differently; for most people, buying their dream home is the most significant economic transaction they will ever engage in. Because of this importance (to both parties), there are numerous disclosure requirements that sellers must satisfy when receiving an offer from a prospective buyer. This blog will Read More

Lake Norman Pier Permits: What You Need to Know Before Buying, Selling, or Building

The Charlotte area is home to several areas that feature prized real estate, but you don’t have to go all the way to Uptown. Right here in Mooresville, there are gorgeous properties on Lake Norman, North Carolina’s largest man-made lake and a popular recreation known to people all over the world. A key part in enjoying all that Lake Norman has to offer as a lake homeowner or property owner is having a pier, dock, or Read More

Mail-Away Closings: What You Need to Know

Life has a way of intervening and making some things, like real estate closings, much more complicated and hectic than they need to be. For these situations, mail-away closings are an option for either buyers or sellers of a piece of property who are not able to physically attend their closing appointment.  Mail-away closings are not an uncommon way to seal the deal on a real estate transaction; a common reason for Read More

Property vs. Home Inspections; Which Do You Need?

Our firm believes that buyers benefit from having as many inspections done on their future home as possible before closing. The “home inspection” is the traditional inspection done on a home before the buyer officially closes on it. There is such a thing as a “property inspection,” but it is performed under different circumstances. This blog explains the basics of both types of inspections, as well as what buyers Read More

Is A Handwritten Will Valid In North Carolina?

Handwritten (also called “holographic”) wills are recognized in the state of North Carolina if they meet the following criteria: 1. The will is written entirely in the testator’s hand. This means that the entire document needs to be written by the person who is giving away their assets. 2. The will must be signed by the testator and contain the person’s name within the will in their own Read More

4 Tips For Holding a Successful Open House

Regardless of the prevailing wisdom of many real estate experts, there is always something to gain for agents and sellers during an open house. There is a good possibility that with enough follow up, a listing’s buyer will end up being someone who attends the event. To help optimize your upcoming open house, Thomas & Webber has compiled the following pieces of advice.  1. Give yourself enough time. Three Read More


As a real estate attorney, Ben handles a lot of closings, and if you want to win over his heart, strum up a conversation about football, more specifically LSU football. As an undergraduate and law school alumni of Louisiana State University, Ben has a strong connection to the LSU Tigers. So strong that now both of his kids are attending college at LSU as well. During football season, Ben tries to make it back Read More


Pier Permits are one of the biggest issue we can run into when buying or selling property on Lake Norman. We decided to go to the source and once and for all understand what is needed with regards to pier permits and property on Lake Norman. So, when you are buying or selling property on Lake Norman that has a pier, the absolute first thing you should do is email Duke Energy at [email protected] to make Read More