Buying and Selling with Solar

Solar panels are not just a source of clean, renewable energy; they are a viable asset that can make your property more attractive and valuable to potential buyers. Let’s talk about the various benefits of marketing a home equipped with solar panels, and also explore the implications of selling a house with a solar loan or solar lease.

Lower Energy Costs – An Incentive for Buyers

Marketing a house as solar-powered significantly boosts its appeal, thanks to potential savings on utility bills. In some regions, homeowners can even sell excess generated energy back to the grid, providing an additional source of income. Such renewable energy features attract eco-conscious buyers looking to minimize their monthly bills.

Higher Sale Prices for Solar Homes

This push for energy-efficient homes often translates into higher home sale prices for sellers. One study showed that prospective buyers will spend 4% more on average for a solar-powered home. However, installing a solar system doesn’t always guarantee increased home value. Several factors can affect your property value, such as your location, electricity rates, as well as the condition of your solar system.

Navigating Solar Loans and Leases

Like outright purchasing, a solar loan allows homeowners to own solar panels. This option is beneficial if you want to own the system but don’t have immediate funds. You can pay off the loan over time, often with payments that are less than or similar to your current electric bill. However, many solar loans are not assumable, which means you will need to pay off the loan at closing. Sometimes this can mean the seller ends up needing to bring additional funds to the closing table.

In contrast, selling a home with a solar lease can present some challenges, as the solar panels are owned by the leasing company. Here, you can either buy out the remainder of the lease or convince the buyer to take over the lease payments. Careful negotiations involving all parties – the seller, buyer, real estate agent, and solar company – can ensure a smooth transition.

Marketing a home with solar panels presents unique opportunities and challenges. Understanding these aspects can help you make informed decisions and maximize the benefits of your solar investment when it’s time to sell.

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