NAR Settlement: A Comprehensive Overview

    The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently found itself at the heart of a pivotal legal settlement, one that promises to reshape the contours of real estate transactions in the United States. At the center of this settlement is a whopping $418 million agreement that aims to address and resolve claims against the NAR and its members regarding broker commissions. This settlement not only highlights Read More

5 Common Title Defects

  When you're on the hunt for your dream property, the last thing on your mind might be: "What hidden defects could lurk in the title?" However, just like a plot twist in your favorite mystery novel, there are potential title defects that could turn your property purchase story on its head. Here are five types of title defects you might encounter: Physical Defects Ever dreamt of a sprawling backyard only to Read More

Five Steps To Guarantee Clear Title

What actually goes on in a title search? The outcome of this process can be the defining moment in a property deal, yet many agents remain in the dark about what's actually being "searched."  In this blog post, we will explore the five essential steps of a title search in real estate. Each step plays a crucial role in uncovering potential problems and ensuring a smooth and legally sound closing process. Step 1: Read More

7 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate

  Real Estate has always been a lucrative avenue for wealth creation. Some of the world's most affluent individuals have amassed their fortunes through real estate ventures. If you've ever wondered how you too can get started in the business, here's a guide detailing seven distinct methods to make money in real estate. Build Equity in Your Home While this may seem like a straightforward approach, it's a genuine Read More

4 Things Working at a Corporate Job Taught Me About Real Estate

  Real estate might seem worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, but they are more similar than you might think! Prior to going to law school, I had a job in Corporate America for several years. Here are five of the biggest lessons that have proven invaluable to my career as a real estate lawyer. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work In the corporate world, teams often converge from different Read More

5 Ways to Spot a Vacant Land Scammer

  We've noticed a sharp uptick in vacant lot scams over the past year, where criminals pose as property owners and attempt to sell land they don't own to unsuspecting buyers. This isn't a new scam, but its recurrence demands our attention. To help you steer clear of these fraudulent property sales, we've put together a list of the top 5 red flags that may indicate a seller is not who they claim to be. Red Flag #1: Read More

4 Crucial Steps for Commercial Property Owners in a Crisis

Disasters strike when we least expect them! Imagine walking into your commercial property one day to find two floors submerged in water due to a burst pipe. That's what happened at our law office this week, prompting an urgent dive into the vital protocols every property owner should have in place. Let’s talk about 4 must-do moves for property owners in a crisis. 1. Stop the Damage and Call in the Read More

3 Things to Know About North Carolina Property Taxes

  This is the time of year when the counties have finalized their budgets and they issue their tax bills. When these bills arrive, a lot of homeowners are left scratching their heads with questions like "Why is my 2023 tax bill arriving in August?" and “What happens if I decide to sell my house before the year is over?”  To address this confusion, let's clarify some of the peculiarities of North Carolina's real Read More

Buying and Selling with Solar

  Solar panels are not just a source of clean, renewable energy; they are a viable asset that can make your property more attractive and valuable to potential buyers. Let's talk about the various benefits of marketing a home equipped with solar panels, and also explore the implications of selling a house with a solar loan or solar lease. Lower Energy Costs - An Incentive for Buyers Marketing a house as Read More

3 Advantages of Forming a Real Estate LLC

  If you're contemplating a leap into the realm of property investing, considering the structure of your investment entity is crucial. One popular option is forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC). But why an LLC? Let’s look at three key advantages of forming a real estate LLC. Limit Your Personal Liability One of the most significant advantages of establishing a real estate LLC is the protection it offers to Read More

The REAL Cost of Owning an $8M Mansion

  Owning a lavish mansion on Lake Norman may be a dream for many, but have you ever wondered about the true cost of maintaining such an extravagant property? In this blog post, we will delve into the major expenses associated with owning an $8 million mansion on Lake Norman. From insurance and taxes to utilities and maintenance, we'll explore each aspect, shedding light on the financial commitment required to sustain Read More