Mail-Away Closings: What You Need to Know

Life has a way of intervening and making some things, like real estate closings, much more complicated and hectic than they need to be. For these situations, mail-away closings are an option for either buyers or sellers of a piece of property who are not able to physically attend their closing appointment. 

Mail-away closings are not an uncommon way to seal the deal on a real estate transaction; a common reason for needing a mail-away closing is when the seller had to quickly relocate for a new job and could not fly back to the property’s area. Obviously, in a perfect world, all parties to a real estate transaction would be physically present at the closing table. While fairly routine, mail-away closings have some extra considerations that do not apply to in-person closings. 

For one, the documents must be mailed in advance to the out-of-town buyer or seller. Once the mail-away closer receives all documents from the closing attorney, he or she must sign the forms in front of a notary. Once everything has been signed, initialed, and otherwise handled, then the out-of-town closer is responsible for mailing all the documents back to the closing attorney. If you are conducting a mail-away closing, you can choose to send the documents back overnight. 

One consideration for mail-away closings is the date on which documents are signed and recorded. This is a potential issue for buyers who are receiving a mortgage loan from a lender. For buyers in this situation, you must be careful to sign the closing documents on the same date for which the loan is initially recorded. Additionally, the earliest you will be able to assume ownership of the property as a mail-away buyer will be the date your closing attorney receives the signed documents. Once they are received, then the mortgage funds will be disbursed. 

Communication is Key

Mail-away closings require a good bit of communication between the buyer, seller, closing attorney, lending agent, and any other parties involved in the transaction. If you are participating in a mail-away closing, notifying your attorney as soon as you are able ensures that everything goes as smoothly as possible. 


Thomas & Webber Law at the Lake is well-equipped to handle your mail-away real estate closing and answer any questions you might have. Seriously, we are available to answer anything – don’t sign any documents or execute anything if you are not sure of the proper procedure! To get started on a fun and fulfilling journey with Lake Norman’s premium real estate law firm, call us at 704-663-1600.

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