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With a range of great homes that offer lakeside living within walking distance of a top-rated liberal arts college, the residential real estate market in Davidson is perpetually competitive. For those looking to invest in this charming area by moving into their own Davidson dream home, the services of a Davidson residential closings lawyer will prove indispensable.

A supremely qualified, well-trained real estate lawyer from the firm of Thomas & Webber can ensure your rights and assets are protected throughout the home-buying process. They can also help you meet all legal obligations and state regulations related to closing on a residential home. Whether your need for residential real estate services is routine or totally unique, our world-class real estate law team can help you handle your residential transactions with precision and efficiency.

What Can Thomas & Webber Do for You? Comprehensive Legal Services for Residential Real Estate Closings

In North Carolina, it is required to have a licensed real estate attorney involved in the process of closing on a home sale. Specifically, the purchasing party hires an attorney to review the closing documents and prepare them for final signatures. While this key document preparation service is an essential part of the closing process, there are many other areas in which a residential closing attorney from Thomas & Webber can assist you:

  • Title Searches – Another critical part of the process of closing on a house (or plot of land) is the title search. A title search involves conducting a thorough investigation of records to ensure that the property in question is free of any liens, disputes, or other title defects that could impact ownership rights (i.e., prevent the seller from legally transferring the property).
  • Deeds and Records – Preparing deeds and filing records with the appropriate county offices is another area of the closing process where the services of a reputable real estate lawyer can prove extremely valuable.
  • Financial Institutions – Working with banks and lenders can be an overwhelming aspect of the home-buying process for people who do not have a background in finance. Thankfully, your real estate law team at Thomas & Webber speaks the language of mortgages and financial disclosures and can assist you in making sure all the financial elements of the purchase are in order.
  • Contract Review – Contract language, just like financial language, can be daunting for people who lack formal training in advanced legal topics. If you need a set of keen and highly knowledgeable eyes to review a purchase agreement, lease, or any other type of North Carolina real estate contract, you can turn to the team at Thomas & Webber with confidence.

    We can analyze and interpret contracts on a granular level and clearly explain what each part of the contract means in practical terms under North Carolina law. We make sure our clients fully understand their rights and responsibilities before they ever sign a contract, and we can also help with drafting contract revisions or counter-offers.

  • Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Legal Guidance – The licensed and reputable team at Thomas & Webber can help make sure every phase of the closing process goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
  • Powerful Advocacy and Legal Representation – We want to use our high-end legal services to make your transition to a new home in Davidson, NC, as smooth and enjoyable as possible. However, every real estate sale is unique, and problems do arise from time to time. When disputes or issues arise, we are prepared to respond on a client’s behalf with fierce advocacy and even representation in negotiations when necessary.


Q: Who Typically Chooses the Closing Attorney for a Real Estate Transaction in NC?

A: The buyer usually chooses the closing attorney for a real estate transaction in NC. While the buyer typically has the sole responsibility for choosing (and paying) the closing attorney in a North Carolina real estate transaction, this may not necessarily be the case 100% of the time.

For example, a non-standard purchase contract or some separately made agreement between the parties involved might dictate an attorney of the seller’s choosing. Even in such a case, the buyer has the right to retain their own private legal counsel if they wish to do so.

Q: Do Sellers Pay Closing Costs in NC?

A: Sellers pay some closing costs in NC, but buyers do as well. In a typical real estate transaction, the buyer and seller will each incur a list of different closing costs. For example, the buyer is generally responsible for paying the attorney who oversees the closing and prepares the requisite documents, and they may also need to address certain financial fees related to their new mortgage.

On the other hand, the seller may owe a significant commission to their real estate agent at closing for their assistance in selling the property.

Q: Can a Seller Delay Closing in NC?

A: A seller can delay closing in NC to a reasonable extent, although it is often not in their interests to do so. Some of the ways a seller might delay the closing process is by being unresponsive to communications, waiting until the last possible moment to do key steps, formally requesting an extension to the process, or mandating a delayed closing through language in the purchase agreement.

In most cases, however, sellers, like buyers, are eager to complete the transaction and move onto the next phase in their lives.

Q: Who Is in Charge of Closings in North Carolina?

A: A licensed real estate attorney is in charge of conducting real estate closings in North Carolina. While some other states allow closing documents to be prepared by a title company, North Carolina mandates the involvement of a qualified attorney. This is done to protect the parties involved in the transaction. By ensuring that contracts and other important documents are reviewed by an adept legal practitioner, certain risks are reduced or eliminated.

Thomas & Webber: The Premiere Davidson, NC, Residential Real Estate Firm

At Thomas & Webber, we understand that buying a home can be simultaneously exciting and stressful, and we go the extra mile to try to alleviate the latter for our clients. If you’re in need of high-quality guidance and support for the process of closing on your Davidson, NC, home (or other property), we would be happy to help. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about what we can do for you.

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