Our Best Advice For New Real Estate Agents

Agents and attorneys have the same goal, but they cover two different components of a transaction. Buyers need reliable closing attorneys as much as they rely on dependable agents to help them find a home and make a fair offer based on market value. As a real estate attorney in the Lake Norman area, we wanted to share some advice for new real estate agents. Although we are lawyers, we have completed thousands of closings. Another way of saying that is we have worked with thousands of real estate agents. During this time, we have seen how some real estate agents have done fantastic work for their clients.

New agents commonly ask about what will make them good at their job and what they should know about real estate law. Although we will touch on the law, we wanted to highlight the qualities that make agents stand out.

Learn Real Estate Law Concepts

Learn the basics of real estate law as it pertains to the purchase and sale of real property. When we have buyers approach us about easements, for example, they may need to understand what they are. Knowing the basics surrounding easements and encroachments (things that are common in real estate transactions) sets you apart because you will be a better guide for your client.

Don’t Give Legal Advice

You don’t want to give legal advice because it could get you in trouble. Some agents may do this because they want to appear confident in front of their clients. However, great agents know when it is appropriate to ask for legal advice. Remember, this is a distinct difference between understanding what an encroachment is as opposed to providing legal advice regarding one.

Be an Over-Communicator

Our exceptional paralegals work closely with agents, which is apparent when an agent struggles with communication. For example, we may get to the closing table and find a series of invoices that were supposed to be included in the closing statement, but we are seeing them for the first time. We can make changes, but they take time—and this impacts the client. We would rather you tell us three times about something instead of never mentioning it. Although we represent the client, we are here to support the client too.

Make the Experience About the Client

One of the real estate agents we have worked alongside gives unique closing gifts. Giving your client a mug or cutting board with your name on it may be easy, but people see that as a disingenuous marketing ploy. During the process, you will get to know your client. By listening to them, you should have a solid idea of what they like and what a special, unique gift looks like. One of the best ways to be remembered is by being thoughtful and genuine.

Meet With a Lake Norman Real Estate Attorney

At Thomas & Webber Law at the Lake, we want your home-buying experience to be highly memorable—in a good way. We are as energetic as we are supportive. Like your real estate agent, we are here to help you. Our role is to educate and represent you throughout the process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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