4 Things Working at a Corporate Job Taught Me About Real Estate


Real estate might seem worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, but they are more similar than you might think! Prior to going to law school, I had a job in Corporate America for several years. Here are five of the biggest lessons that have proven invaluable to my career as a real estate lawyer.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

In the corporate world, teams often converge from different departments, each bringing its expertise to achieve a common goal. The same holds true in real estate. A successful transaction isn’t a one-person show; it involves agents, lenders, surveyors, county recording offices, and more. Each party plays a crucial role, akin to a piece in a jigsaw puzzle. Thanks to my corporate background, I’ve become adept at fostering cooperation among these diverse parties. This not only leads to smoother deals but also results in happier clients.

The Power of Persuasion

Persuasion was a daily task in the corporate world. Be it selling a product, a service, or even an idea. Now in real estate, it’s about selling a vision, a strategy, or a perspective. Whether it’s motivating my office team or convincing a city planner about lot boundaries, my persuasion skills have always come to the rescue.

Accepting “No” and Moving On

Rejections are a part of both corporate and real estate worlds. In the law, there are often hard “no’s” where a creative alternate solution must be found.  I’ve learned that being resilient and not letting a “no” demotivate me is a powerful skill. It’s not about what knocks you down; it’s about how you bounce back. In real estate law, when my first approach isn’t well-received, I’ve always found it vital to find another avenue or solution.

Navigating Red Tape

Ah, bureaucracy. Every corporate veteran knows it, and I certainly wasn’t spared. In real estate, I face the likes of varied county processes, legislative requirements, and so much more. Just as I navigated the intricate labyrinths of corporate regulations, understanding and working through real estate’s many rules and regulations has been crucial.

From boardrooms to closing tables, it turns out my corporate days prepped me more for real estate law than I initially thought. Sure, the scenery has changed, but the core lessons? They’re universal.

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