3 Annoying Things Real Estate Lawyers Do (And Why)

Lawyers often face negative stereotypes, from being seen as stuffy and grumpy to lacking in straightforward answers. In this blog post, we will explore three annoying habits that lawyers have been known for. While these habits may be notorious for frustrating clients, there may be some valid reasons behind them.

Always Answering “It Depends”

Lawyers and their trusty sidekick, “it depends,” have an unbreakable bond. You ask them a simple question, expecting a straightforward answer, but instead, they hit you with the dreaded “it depends.”  Imagine asking your lawyer, “Can I paint my house purple?” And they respond with, “Well, it depends. Do you live in a neighborhood with strict homeowners’ association rules? Are there any local ordinances against vibrant hues? Any purple paint allergies?”

However, this habit stems from the need for more information to provide an accurate answer. Lawyers must consider all the relevant facts and circumstances before offering a response. By saying “it depends,” they acknowledge the complexity of legal matters and the need for a comprehensive understanding. So, next time a lawyer responds with this phrase, remember that they are striving to give you the most accurate advice based on the specifics of your situation.

Doom and Gloom:

Lawyers often lean towards worst-case scenarios when discussing potential outcomes. This pessimistic approach may seem excessive or unnecessary, but it is rooted in legal training and professional responsibility.   Lawyers have endured law school, where they studied the craziest, most mind-boggling cases to prepare for anything. Their job is to protect you from potential pitfalls by covering all bases, no matter how outlandish they may seem. By discussing worst-case scenarios, lawyers aim to help clients make informed decisions and prepare for any potential challenges that may arise.

No Promises
Another habit that can be frustrating for clients is lawyers’ reluctance to make guarantees. While it may be comforting to hear absolute assurances, lawyers are bound by ethical rules that prohibit making promises they cannot guarantee. The legal system is complex and unpredictable, making it impossible to provide absolute certainty about the outcome of a case. Instead, they focus on providing honest assessments, managing expectations, and guiding you through the twists and turns of the legal maze.

While lawyers’ habits can be annyoing at times, they often serve an important purpose. So, the next time you encounter these habits, remember that lawyers are working in your best interest, providing guidance and advocating for your legal rights.

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